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We seek to empower our clients when dealing with legal matters. This means ensuring that all of our communications with you are drafted in simple, clear and plain English. We want you to understand our services so that you can develop a deeper understanding of the legal matter at hand. By knowing how these issues impact your business, you can forsee and manage them better.

Innovative & Practical

Our approach to legal services is to give you practical advice. Because the law cannot exist in isolation, our assessments and advice incorporate your business realities. This focus on practical solutions also extends to innovation and technology in our own systems to help us work fast and efficiently.

Communication Focused

Good communication is an important part of building a strong relationship, so we are available to talk when you need us. We want to ensure that our advice is accessible. Our complete contact details are provided to you later in this document.


A team-based approach leads to better, more efficient outcomes. Our clients are an integral part of the team, and we work with you rather than for you. Because of this, we educate the client about the steps we need to take, as well as the reasoning behind them.

Inspired & Passionate

We enjoy our work and the part we play in the lives of people and businesses who trust us. Because we enjoy serving you, we want you to enjoy working with us. We try to resolve issues in a collaborative way, rather than with conflict as a first resort. This usually leads to cost saving, better solutions and lasting outcomes for all parties.

The Team

We are committed to helping you meet your business and legal needs.

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Areas of Practice

Corporate Structuring & Reorganization + -

Many start-up businesses try to save money on this, which can often result in unnecessary costs and risks to the directors and shareholders.

By sophisticated we do not mean expensive or overly complicated.  Your corporate structure can be sophisticated enough to allow for tax planning, asset protection and proper exit strategies, but can be streamlined and elegant at the same time.

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International Business & Trade + -

More businesses are looking into expanding their presence around the globe.

You don’t have to have a large corporation to take your business into new markets. There are international expansion opportunities for many small and mid-sized companies looking to grow. It can take many forms such as setting up a subsidiary inbound or outbound to or from Canada, joint ventures, distributions or straight export. Expanding to new jurisdictions opens your business to a broader client base and increased business growth.

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Business Contracts + -

Most business relationships you will encounter can be written into an agreement.

Our approach is that if the relationship or your interest is important enough to protect, you will most likely need a contract for it.  Our service for contracts includes drafting as well as reviewing.

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CanExport + -

The Canadian government’s CanExport program provides support to small and mid-sized companies who are looking beyond our borders to grow their businesses.

Our team can help your business with its financing needs, whether through conventional bank financing, private lending or raising public investment.

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Buying & Selling a Business + -

The purchase or sale of a business can be done in a number of ways, and each method has different factors to consider.

Generally, it can be structured as buying or selling the shares of the operating company, or the assets of the business.  A hybrid of share and asset sale is also possible.  Each of these methods have different tax and liability considerations.

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Employment Law + -

Successful businesses often rely on developing positive relationships with their employees by establishing clear expectations.

As a business expands and takes on more employees it can be difficult to maintain the delicate balance of meeting those obligations while simultaneously running a successful business.

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Banking & Securities Law + -

All businesses need financing and capital at some point. We act for borrowers and lenders.

There are different ways to get commercial financing, and each has its own legal rules.  Conventional financing is the most common, and banks and financing institutions each have their own set of contracts and security requirements.

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Tax & Estate Planning + -

Business owners want efficient tax structures to minimize cost and help the long term growth and viability of their businesses. We provide advice and implementation of classic and innovative tax strategies to assist our business clients in reaching this goal.

Estate and succession planning for the business owner is closely linked with corporate succession. 

Proper estate planning has many benefits, such as tax savings and certainty among beneficiaries.  A common problem is that people in our aging demographic do their succession planning too late, and miss out on many of the tax saving opportunities, for example the savings that a discretionary family trust may bring. 

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Considering that nearly 70% of Canada’s GDP consists of import and export revenue it’s no surprise that more and more Canadian companies are looking to expand internationally. Entering foreign markets can create opportunities for diversification, reduced vulnerability, higher profits, more sales, access to global demand and innovation.

Employers have a duty to investigate all allegations of harassment and discrimination involving their employees and workplace. Conducting investigations can be tricky.  In addition to finding a way to conduct them without infringing on the rights of the employee under investigation it is also your responsibility to ensure the employee is not treated with unfair prejudice as investigation flaws may result in substantial liability against you; the employer.

Slide "Claudius and his team were instrumental and assisting us with the sale of our business. We were extremely happy with the level of professionalism and knowledge they displayed on a daily basis.

The deal was complex and lingered on for quite some time. We were fortunate to have a team take care of our needs as strong as Du Plooy Law at a very reasonable cost. If you are looking for legal counsel for any business requirement, Claudius and his staff will go above and beyond every time.

I will continue to use Du Plooy Law for all of our business needs for years to come!”
- Dean Petrillo
Slide - Jordan Ramey "Claudius and his staff have been exceptionally helpful as we add structure and grow our existing beverage agri-processing business. We wouldn't be where we are today without his diligent assistance and exceptional attention to detail.

Highly recommended if you're looking for experienced legal counsel that is well versed in business law both locally and internationally. I have worked with Claudius on a variety of business projects.

I feel our dollars are spent well, the charges fair, and I look forward to our continued business successes."
Slide - Bob Fox I was very satisfied with the legal services provided for me by the Du Plooy Law firm here in Calgary.

Work that Du Plooy did for me involved personal estate planning, on which I found them to be very knowledgeable and competent. They were great listeners in quickly understanding and assessing a complicated personal situation. Their counsel showed attention to detail including identifying, educating and advising me concerning related legal issues; as well as fast follow-up in preparing and completing the related documents.

I believe I received good value for my money, and certainly intend to use their services again in the future for both personal and business needs.
Slide - Nigel Werenka "The team at Du Plooy Law have been fantastic to deal with. We have run our corporate and personal legal handlings through Mr. Du Plooy and his professional team.

They are always available with the support you require to take your business to the next level or to discuss and adjust contract details when opportunities arise."
Slide - Tony Nicastro "Du Plooy Law is great to work with. I have used Them on several business ventures and have been well represented.

He is experienced, efficient and in turn has saved me a great deal of headaches over the years. I highly recommend."
Slide - LaVerne Woroschuk "I'd like to give a big shout-out to Claudius and his team! They helped me to set-up my start-up business, including incorporations, unanimous shareholder agreement, and all my website terms of service, privacy policy and rules and regulations.

The team at Du Plooy Law went over and above to answer every one of my questions (there were many!), they had patience with my 'particular-ness' and always had suggestions but didn't push anything on me. Further, they were really organized with all the paperwork for my company incorporations which made setting-up business bank accounts much easier; I got complimented at the bank on the thoroughness of the paperwork!

I absolutely recommend Du Plooy Law and will be a repeat customer for any legal needs down the road.”
Slide - Mark Czechowsky "I have been working with Claudius on a number of different items on a mix of different businesses that we've required help with over the last few months, and I've been extremely impressed with the level of business knowledge while delivering a quick turn around.

I certainly recommend him to other business owners.”
Slide - Rodney Phipps "Have been a client of Du Plooy law since the formation of my corporation, Phaymis Inc.

Advice given in the early days saved me huge headaches later on, and has paid consistent value over the years, not only in legal service but in above and beyond service.

I would, and do, refer any and all of my network to their service without reservation."
Slide - Clark Grue "Du Plooy Law is an innovative, forward thinking law firm that not only takes care of your necessary legal requirements; they think outside of the box to bring strategic opportunities to their clients.

That's why Rainmaker Global works with them!”
Slide - Chris Hart "Claudius is great to deal with.

He shows true interest and support for me and my business."
Slide - Ian Hedgeland "Du Plooy Law always has your best interests in mind."

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