Awesome Lawsomes and the Corporate Cookbook

Introducing a new graphic novel from Du Plooy Law!

The legal world is an interesting place, and at Du Plooy Law, we’ve had our fair share of adventures. From the mind of Claudius du Plooy comes Awesome Lawsomes and the Corporate Cookbook: a new comic series combining adventure and legal knowledge, featuring the art of Reza Abghari.

Learn about legal topicsĀ such as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), Joint Venture Partnerships, and other business law concepts and follow along with the Awesome Lawsomes as they go on fantastical adventures.

The Awesome Lawsomes are:

  • Dixie Dagger aka Lawpocalypse – a young and eager business lawyer, Dixie Dagger works hard and tries to do good in the world. She believes that lawyers are not mean people who have to draw blood all the time. However, this hardworking business lawyer has a secret flaw that might affect her good intentions…
  • Josh Pierrot aka Mixtape Man – the 20-something mail clerk of Du Plooy Law, Josh is very talented but is unsure of what he wants to do in life. Josh can usually be found with his skateboard and trusty Walkman (and yes, cassette tapes – he’s a true hipster at heart). Josh can also control other people with music, specifically with the mixtapes he makes. Will he use his power for good?
  • The Book Bandit – somewhat of a shawdowy figure, the Book Bandit is a 50-something law librarian about whom not much else is known. He is the keeper of knowledge at Du Plooy Law – a smart, well-researched man whose fantastical library holds more adventures for the Awesome Lawsomes.

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Click on the previews below to view the comics in full screen.

Episode 1: The Non-Disclosure Agreement

Episode 2: The Unanimous Shareholders Agreement Dispute

Episode 3: Non-Competition, Non-Solicitation,
Non-Circumvention Terms