Awesome Lawsomes: A Q&A with Claudius du Plooy

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Introducing a new graphic novel from the mind of Claudius du Plooy: Awesome Lawsomes and the Corporate Cookbook – a series that will explain business law concepts in a new and interesting way. Claudius du Plooy speaks about how he came up with the idea and how it came to be in this interview:

Why did you decide to create a comic book about business law?

Claudius du Plooy: I’ve always been an artist and a comic book nerd at heart. Personally I wished that if people explained things to me, they would explain it in stories – I really feel that the world needs more stories. Frankly I don’t think that people want to hear from Claudius du Plooy all the time, so why don’t I just create more interesting characters through which I can tell the stories and explain the concepts in such a way that it really comes to life for our clients. Together with creating the characters and creating the story line, I could create suspense and excitement – which really is a reflection of the corporate commercial world. It’s a very colourful and interesting place to be and it’s very much like a comic book.

How would you describe Awesome Lawsomes and how it came to be?

C: I’ve always dreamed of having a law firm where people have adventures, and people who work at Du Plooy Law have adventures. So much of the work that we do really is adventure-like: we deal with people, as well as drama, suspense, and conflict. Then, the conflict is resolved. However, there’s a certain notion that I hold of the practice of law and business in general, that if one looks at it from a futuristic point of view, and if we look back upon the way we do things in 2017, there could be opportunity for some very interesting commentary. The reason for the Awesome Lawsomes is to create characters through which I can voice this commentary, while at the same time, educate our clients about business and legal principles.

What can readers expect from Awesome Lawsomes?

C: The Awesome Lawsomes are going to go on a fantastical adventure, but at the same time they’re going to explain and educate readers on certain elements of business law – in context. However, this is an adventure, so the Awesome Lawsomes are going to travel far and wide, and there’s going to be some crazy, interesting scenes where we will incorporate strong futuristic elements into the story. They’re going to go on a pretty big adventure!

Check out Awesome Lawsomes and the Corporate Cookbook and the Corporate Cookbook and follow along on their fantastical journey!