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How We Do Things

Du Plooy Law is a client-focused law firm that seeks to empower our clients to be successful. We strive to develop strong relationships that go beyond legal deliverables and try to understand as much about your business reality as possible.

The more we understand your business needs, goals, personalities, challenges and desires, the better we can implement a practical solution and anticipate your future legal needs. This allows us to better add value and is why our owner-operator business clients have relied on us as trusted advisors for years.

Our philosophy has 5 principles

Communicative & Empowering

We seek to empower our clients when dealing with legal matters. Good communication is an important part of building a strong relationship, we are available to talk when you need us. We want to ensure that our advice is accessible; we tailor our written communications and drafting to the modern business need to use simple, clear and plain English.

These principles of relationship management apply to all of the relationships we encounter, be it with our team members, clients, or a variety of professionals such as lawyers, accountants, investment brokers and other agents.


Innovative & Practical

Our approach to legal services is to give you practical advice.  We try to understand as much of your situation as possible, such as business needs, goals, personalities, challenges and desires. Because the law cannot exist in isolation, our assessments and advice incorporate all necessary variables.  

In line with our focus on relationships, it follows that the longer we work with you, the more we understand the factors that impact your business. This allows us to better add value. That is why most of our clients who are closely owned businesses have relied on us as trusted advisors for years.

This focus on practical solutions also extends to innovation and technology in our own systems to help us work fast and efficiently.

Creative & Passionate

We enjoy our work and the part we play in the lives of people and businesses who trust us. Because we enjoy serving you, we want you to enjoy working with us. We try to resolve issues in a collaborative way, rather than with conflict as a first resort. This usually leads to cost saving, better solutions and lasting outcomes for all parties.



A team-based approach leads to better, more efficient outcomes. Our clients are an integral part of the team, and we work with you rather than for you. Because of this, we educate the client about the steps we need to take, as well as the reasoning behind them.

The better you understand the plan and the reasons for our actions, the better we work together to get your desired result. To get an efficient and effective resolution, we often work with your other professional advisors, such as accountants, financial advisors, brokers and insurance agents.

Scope Management

In line with good project management practice, we start off with a discussion so that all parties understand the scope of the work. If necessary, we can also review your current business, to make sure we match the general business needs with the desired result.

This creates certainty in the expectations of cost, timelines, actions and responsibilities. After outlining the scope, we draw up a “road map” to guide the work towards completion within the agreed parameters.

The result is that you will have a clear idea of cost, the timeline as well as the expected outcomes, which allows you to coordinate our work with other parts of your business.


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