Who We Are


Doing things differently for the sake of being better.

Our relationships matter.

Our focus is to build and maintain successful relationships with people, not on just legal theory or handling files. Good relationships need an understanding that personalities and situations are unique. We celebrate and value the differences in each person and business, and personalize our service and communications to their needs.

Good communication is an important part of our relationships. We are available to talk when you need to, and we ensure that our advice is accessible. We also tailor our written communications and drafting to the modern business need to use simple, clear and plain English.

These principles of relationship management apply to all of the relationships we encounter, be it with our team members, clients, or a variety of professionals such as lawyers, accountants, investment brokers and other agents.

We approach things as a team.

This team effort makes the whole of our service greater than the sum of its team players. Every matter is unique and we are proud to always try to be creative in finding solutions for you. This approach leads to better, more efficient products.

The client is also an integral part of the team, and we work with you rather than for you. Because of this, we try to educate the client about the steps we need to take, as well as the process.

The better you understand the plan and the reasons for our actions, the better you can work with us to get the desired result.

The team does not only consist of lawyers and the client. It is common in business law to work closely with the client’s other professional advisors, such as accountants, financial advisors, brokers and insurance agents.

The advice and service from these different professionals should make a coherent unit and works together for your benefit. These benefits include lower overall professional costs, higher efficiency and a clear, quality plan where every player knows its role in the bigger picture.

We enjoy being creative.

Happy lawyers deliver happy clients. We really enjoy our work and the part we play in the lives of people and businesses who trust us. Because we have fun in serving you, we want you to enjoy working with us.

In the high pressure and fast paced legal environment, it is important that our lawyers enjoy their work and find true fulfillment in their service. In turn, our clients experience a tangible benefit from dealing with happy, balanced professionals.

Part of our focus is to shift the paradigm of the practice of law. We try to resolve issues in a collaborative way rather than with conflict as a first resort. This usually leads to better solutions and lasting outcomes for all parties. This approach is also proven to reduce legal costs, overall stress and negativity. A collaborative approach in closing a business transaction saves costs and leaves everyone more satisfied in the end.

Our business solutions are practical.

Scope Management.